Get customers paying quicker...
...and loving you more

Peasy gives you the tools to reward your customers for paying early

Give customers their
favourite rewards for
prompt payment

Including: Airmiles, Cash or Charitable Donations


Improved cash flow​

Get paid quicker, avoid stress, put an end to those awkward calls – and reduce your borrowing

Better relationships

Customers will love you for rewarding prompt payment. The QUICKER they pay, the BIGGER their reward.

No more awkward chasing

Stop using the stick and start using the carrot

It's time to give up the stick
and start using the carrot

Make getting paid easy and fun

1. Sign Up

It's quick, easy....and free for a limited time

2. Integrate Peasy with your accounting package

We currently support QuickBooks, Sage and Xero

3. Send invoices as usual. Peasy does the rest

We'll notify your customers of their rewards for prompt and early payment. The quicker they pay - the bigger their reward

4. Customers continue to pay you directly

When payment is received we'll send out the rewards and charge your account. If they don't pay within terms - there's nothing to pay

About us

Peasy was designed by entrepreneurs, accountants, SMEs, IT Engineers and AI experts who pooled their expertise to produce a totally unique offering to solve the problem of late payments.

We think we’ve created the perfect offering – and the feedback we’ve had from all types and sizes of business agrees.

We’re UK based with offices planned across Europe and the US.

To keep in touch with us, watch our growth or receive our prospectus please email us: sayhi@peasy.com

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If you are using Xero you will be able to integrate now.

If you are using QuickBooks, Sage, FreshBook or any other accounting software we will contact you as soon as these plugins go live

Register before November 30 2019 and receive a free lifetime membership for Peasy