The Cashflow Accelerator

Use the carrot not the stick for overdue payment reduction

Peasy.com, the smart reward incentives solution to improve cashflow.

Peasy.com is the cashflow accelerator with a difference.

Our team of entrepreneurs, accountants, SMEs, IT engineers and AI experts have pooled their expertise to produce a unique way to solve the problem of late payments and cashflow issues. We’re the good guys.

We’ve built Peasy.com based on our own experiences (and frustrations) of running small to medium sized businesses. We understand that taking on more debt through loans isn’t the 

way to solve cashflow problems – and isn’t always an available option for your business.

We’ve designed Peasy.com so you can offer your customers the carrot rather than the stick when it comes to receiving payments. Not only will you receive payment earlier, you’ll be building great relationships with your customers for the long-term by offering them more value.

Our Values


Meet our Leadership Team

David Landsberg

Co-Founder and CEO

A seasoned and successful entrepreneur who’s created businesses, built them and exited and then invested in others. David’s passionate about cashflow (so probably best to avoid him at a party).

Knowing first hand how vital cashflow is to business, David studied and applied behavioural science to collect debtors quicker and more efficiently. He’s delivered his humorous speeches to businesses and accountants, and even written a book on it. Finally, in 2016 he started work on delivering the science as a platform that connects with all major accounting software so other SMEs can benefit. Together with world-class partnerships, Artificial Intelligence and a determination to address the issue of slow-payers, Peasy.com was born.

Felix Cameron


Felix is a proper geek having worked in tech for 25 years – and kept himself at the cutting-edge (and sometimes in front of it!) no matter how fast it’s moving. He’s delivered large projects for most of the leading UK banks and help CTO positions for  Silicon Valley startups, including AdMission (now part of Cobalt Group).

Felix has a BSc in Artificial Intelligence and a deep understanding of neural networks, computer vision and Natural Language Processing. He’s also a great team leader and assembled a fantastic team to develop Peasy.com.

Gillian Wilmot


Gillian is an experienced international Chairman with 30 years Board, digital and business transformation experience. An experienced Chairman and director, Gillian has a deep understanding of markets, service innovation and integrating technologies using a customer centric, stakeholder focused approach to driving growth and profitability. Winner of the 2014 NED Awards Unquoted/Private Equity category (Sunday Times) for good governance.

Keith Young MBE


Keith is a highly experienced and successful entrepreneur with considerable expertise in fast growth companies (for which he was awarded the MBE). Keith is an internet pioneer, co-founding ISPs including EasyNet, and a host of online businesses in the political arena including ePolitix. Dubbed King of the SMEs, Keith shares David’s passion about cashflow.

Our Offices

Peasy Systems Ltd.

14 Great College St
London SW1P 3RX


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