Complete control

and if payment’s not within terms, it’s free!

Peasy.com achieves a 40% improvement on payments made within terms

Getting started with Peasy.com - Complete control over pricing​

You maintain control of how much Peasy.com costs by deciding the minimum and maximum reward value as a percentage of your invoice.

We present your customers with a dynamically reducing reward, so the quicker your customer pays, the bigger his reward.

Simply raise the invoice, Peasy handles everything else – and uses behavioural science to maximise the opportunity of you getting paid early.

There’s no administration required, and no risk. And unlike settlement discounts, your customers can’t pay late and still take the reward!

Remember, the bigger the reward, the more likely your customers will pay early. You can test response rates of your customers and adjust accordingly, although our AI will learn behaviours and recommend the optimum values.

You can also decrease the value of your rewards as your cashflow improves, or increase them during promotions.

Every industry differs but as a general rule, to get started, we recommend using 6% rewards for customers who pay immediately and 2.5% rewards for payments paying by the due date.

If payment’s not made within terms – it costs you nothing!

“The most straight-forward, logical and easy-to-use process I’ve ever seen for cash collection”

– Mark Segal, Accountant

Pricing example 1 · Case study

A business invoicing £100,000 per month would typically receive only £39,000 of the money due within terms.

Using Peasy.com, the business received £54,000, an additional 16% cash received within terms.

You can easily change reward incentive amounts to test what are the right incentive amounts for your customers and your business.

Without Peasy.com / traditional methods


With Peasy.com

40% Increase

on payments received within agreed terms

There is no cost if your customers don't pay within your agreed terms - so you've nothing to lose. Sign up for free today.

What you can achieve with Peasy.com

Over 40% increase on payments received within agreed terms​

Reduced risk of business failure

No more awkward calls

Enhanced customer relationships and loyalty​

Ability to pay your suppliers quicker​

Improved cashflow without taking on more debt​

Significant reduction in cost and time chasing payments​

And last but not least, LESS STRESS​

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